We are so grateful for our incredible clients. It is such an honor to serve you!



"I hired Kate to help me with one of the most embarrassing parts of my life... My out of control house of clutter and disarray. I was extremely nervous at first because having someone come in and see probably for me the most vulnerable cry for help was terrifying!! Kate made me feel very comfortable almost immediately. She is a true artist in every sense of the word. It is most definitely an art form to be able to come in to someones home, access and process the situation, and just feel how to start her magic. And it is just that... MAGIC!!! She is very professional and works extremely hard. I don't think she sat down for a breather the entire time she was working in my home. Along with her unbelievable organization she is also a very talented designer. I gave her free reign of my home and just let her go to town with organizing and decorating. The end result just blew me away and I was almost in tears when she left. I highly recommend her for all of your home organization and design needs. My life has dramatically changed since she came in and made my house my home."


"Kate was incredible! She came over and I gave her a tour of my home. She asked questions about style and if anything was off limits. I gave her a key and the next day she came over while I was at work. When I arrived home it was an entirely new amazing house!!! She organized things in ways I would have never considered. She used things that I already had to restyle my house and made suggestions for new items that would look good. She was extremely trustworthy and I felt comfortable giving her access to my house without me present. She also didn't judge my lack of style/organization or budget! I HIGHLY recommend Kate!!"



"Hiring Kate was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only for the organization and cleanliness of my closet, but the peace of mind I now have when I go to sleep at night and awake in the morning to get ready for my crazy day. Such a large part of living a healthy productive life is keeping your surroundings organized and inspiring. Kate made that happen for me. She is everything you need and more! Thank you Kate!"


I recently had Kate out to my home to help me with some much needed reorganization and decorating. She is an angel!! She exceeded my expectations. Things were put in places I hadn't thought of that make a lot more sense. She gets things done quickly. I wasn't able to stay home while she worked and I'm not one for leaving people in my house but I felt totally comfortable leaving her there. She was punctual and professional as well as polite and friendly. I would highly recommend her and have plans to have her back in the future!


After many years of single living, my husband and I moved out of our apartments and into an overwhelmingly large house for our 3 cats and new baby. We managed to get furniture in place but we were noticeably missing all of the warm and decorative elements that make a house a home. Both of us had lots of random nicknacks and “art” stuffed in closets, but we had no idea what to do with any of them. 

Enter Kate Richard. She dove right into the nicknack abyss and spotted valuable treasures buried in our boxes and re-purposed them in ways that made them modern and relevant. The treasure hunt then moved on to local design stores that were well within my budget. She picked things that I loved and could afford. We purchased side tables, lamps, pillows, wall art, table toppers, and picture frames. Items I would have never known how to put together on my own. Side note: if you work with Kate, be sure to get your personal photo collage done. It’s awesome! 

The final product was a house that had been purged, reorganized, and turned into a warm and inviting home with something old, something new, and Kate Richard’s fantastic point of view. Since our last time working together, we have welcomed a second baby to the home and are preparing our downstairs apartment for rental on AirBnB. We plan to spend an exciting week with Kate when she returns to her Bay Area clientele.  

Disclaimer: I have known Kate Richard since 2001 and worked with her at various businesses over the years. Her influence on my life is worth more than any fee I have ever paid for her design services. That said, her rates are incredibly reasonable, especially considering how much money she saved us by using our existing items and finding super stylish pieces that look like they cost more than they do.